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A webhook receiver is a system of yours that we send notifications to when things happen in

You can set up as many receivers as you want. Once you've registered one with us, you can subscribe to events. We'll send your receiver notifications when those events happen.


Your receiver needs to:

  • Have a unique URL we can access
  • Accept POST requests
  • (Optional) Respond immediately to confirmation requests


To learn how to respond to confirmation requests, see the "activate a receiver" section of this page.


When you register a receiver, we send it a confirmation request. This is a POST request with a confirmation code in the X-Hook-Secret header.

You need to use this code to activate your receiver before we'll send it webhook notifications. That's because our notifications might include information you don't want to share publicly. The confirmation process helps us make sure we don't accidentally send your notifications to someone else.

Register a receiver

  1. Send a registration request to our WebhookReceivers endpoint. Include your receiver's URL in the request.
  2. We respond with the ID we've assigned to your receiver.
  3. We send the receiver a confirmation code.
  4. Use the confirmation code to activate your receiver.

Activate a receiver

There are two ways you can activate your receiver: immediately or later.


  1. Respond to our confirmation request with 200 OK. Include the confirmation code we sent you in your own X-Hook-Secret header.


  1. Respond to our confirmation request with 200 OK.
  2. Send an activation request to our WebhookReceivers endpoint. Include your receiver ID and the confirmation code we sent you.

Deleting receivers

If you delete an receiver, we stop sending notifications to any subscriptions you've set up for that receiver.

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