Required Inputs

  • CustomerID As Integer – A valid Customer ID.
  • ProductID As Integer Refers to an Product ID (Settings > Products).

Optional Inputs

  • Rate As Decimal – Optional – The Top-Up on the Order will use this rate. Otherwise, it will use the default rate from Settings > Product.
  • LineID As Integer Optional – If not specified, the first non-disconnected Service on the Customer will be assumed.
  • Source As String Optional – Can be helpful to use this for reporting purposes. Source is usually a grouping column in reports – meaning Source shouldn't be different for every Top-Up. Will be set to API by default if not specified.
  • ZeroOutAutomatically As Boolean – Optional – When specified & true, credits will automatically be issued to offset the charges created on the Customer's account with this Top-Up.


  • ID As Integer – The ID of the Top-Up that was created as a result of this request.