SOAP Feature Comparison

This page shows a feature comparison between our existing SOAP API features and the REST API's features

This matrix will be updated with the release schedule as new features are added to the REST API

Resource Name Resource Action SOAP REST
Address Search No Yes
Address Create No Yes
Address Update No Yes
Agent Create Yes Yes
Agent Query Yes Yes
Agent Update Yes Yes
Allowance Delete Yes No
Allowance Search Yes No
Allowance Update Yes No
Attachment/File Create Yes Yes
Attachment/File Delete Yes Yes
Attachment/File Query [Download] Yes Yes
Attachment/File Search Yes Yes
AttachmentTypes Query Yes No
Audit Create Yes Yes
Audit Search No Yes
Audit Search By ID No Yes
Bill Profile Query Yes Yes
Bill Create Yes Yes
Bill Delete Yes Yes
Bill Download Yes Yes
Charge Search Yes Yes
Charge Create Yes Yes
Charge Delete No Yes
Contact Create Yes Yes
Contact Delete Yes Yes
Contact Query Yes Yes
Contact Update Yes Yes
Contact Type Search No Yes
Contact Type Create No Yes
Contact Type Update No Yes
Credit Search Yes Yes
Credit Create Yes Yes
Credit Delete (Reverse) No Yes
Customer Query Yes Yes
Customer Update Yes Yes
Customer Duplicate Query Yes No
Customer Create Yes Yes
Customer Quote Yes No
Email Email Opt Out Create Yes No
Email Email Opt Out Delete Yes No
Inventory Assign Yes No
Inventory Bulk Create Yes No
Inventory Bulk Update Yes No
Inventory Create Yes No
Inventory Query Yes No
Inventory Unassign Yes No
Inventory Update Yes No
Inventory Type Create Yes No
Inventory Type Delete Yes No
Inventory Type Query Yes No
Inventory Type Update Yes No
Lifeline Proof Type Query Yes No
Lifeline Status Update Yes No
Lifeline Type Query Yes No
Note Create Yes Yes
Note Search No Yes
Note Delete No Yes
Note Update No Yes
New Order Create Yes No
Order Create Yes No
Order Query Yes Yes
Order Search Yes Yes
Order Update Yes Yes
Package Query Yes Yes
Payment Account Query Yes No
Payment Account Delete Yes No
Payment Account Query Yes No
Payment Search No Yes
Payment Create Yes Yes
PIN Batch Create Yes No
PIN Batch Query Yes No
PIN Claim Yes No
Process Search No Yes
Process Phase Search No Yes
Process Task Search No Yes
PIN Search Yes No
Product Create Yes Yes
Product Query Yes Yes
Product Update Yes Yes
Product Type Search No Yes
Program Search Yes No
Provider Search No Yes
Provider Create No Yes
Provider Update No Yes
Provider Account Search No Yes
Provider Account Create No Yes
Provider Account Update No Yes
Reconnect Port Create Yes No
Reconnect Port Query Yes No
Report Execute Yes Yes
Report Query Yes Yes
Report Category Search No Yes
Report Category Create No Yes
Report Category Update No Yes
Report Category Delete No Yes
Request Download PDF No Yes
Request Search No Yes
Request Create No Yes
Request Update No Yes
Request Addresses Search No Yes
Request Addresses Create No Yes
Request Addresses Update No Yes
Request Addresses Delete No Yes
Request Contact Search No Yes
Request Contact Create No Yes
Request Contact Update No Yes
Request Contact Delete No Yes
Request Product Search No Yes
Request Product Create No Yes
Request Product Update No Yes
Request Product Delete No Yes
Request Service Search No Yes
Request Service Create No Yes
Request Service Update No Yes
Request Service Delete No Yes
Request Status Search No Yes
Request Template Search No Yes
Service Package Change Yes Yes
Service Query Yes Yes
Service Update Yes Yes
Service Inventory Assign Yes No
Service Inventory Unassign Yes No
Service (Customer) Product Query Yes Yes
Service (Customer) Product Update Yes Yes
Service Type Search No Yes
Session Impersonation Authorization Yes No
Session Create Yes No
Session Validate Yes No
Session Destroy Yes No
Skip Rule Create Yes No
Skip Rule Delete Yes No
Skip Rule Search Yes No
Skip Rule Update Yes No
SMS Send Yes No
SMS Opt Out Create Yes No
SMS Opt Out Delete Yes No
Tag Create Yes No
Tag Delete Yes No
Tag Query Yes No
Task Query Yes Yes
Task Create No Yes
Task Update Yes Yes
Task Delete No Yes
Task Type Search No Yes
Ticket Create Yes Yes
Ticket Query Yes Yes
Ticket Search Yes Yes
Ticket Update Yes Yes
Topup Create Yes No
Usage Plan Group Search No Yes
User Search No Yes
User Group Search No Yes
Wireless Device Confirm Mobile Number Yes No
Wireless Device Pre-activate Batch Yes No
Wireless Device Pre-activate Batch / Update MDN Request Yes No
Wireless Device Pre-activate Batch Results Yes No
Wireless Device Pre-validate Port Yes No
Wireless Device Query Yes No
Wireless Device Swap Inventory Yes No
Wireless Device Swap MDN Yes No
Wireless Device Validate Yes No
Wireless Device Verify Coverage Yes No