How you act on resources.

What are methods?

Methods tell us, in general, what you want to do with a resource.

Our API uses standard HTTP methods, such as GET, POST, and DELETE.

What methods can I use?

All the specific methods you can use with our endpoints can be found in our API explorer.

In general, here are the different methods we support:

GETGet information about a resource without affecting it.


Get information about a customer
Download a PDF of a quote
PATCHUpdate part of a resource.

Change a contact's name
Change the status of an order
POSTTake action on a resource.


Run a report
Create a request
PUTReplace a resource.


* Change who a task is assigned to (by replacing it with a task that's identical except for the "assigned to" field)
DELETEDelete a resource.


* Delete a contact

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What’s Next

Methods tell us the basics of how you want to work with a resource, but parameters give us the details.