Where you send your requests.

What are endpoints?

When you make a request to our API, you'll send it to an address beginning with "restapi.rev.io/v1/".


The v1 indicates this is the first version of our REST API.

What comes next in that address is what we call the endpoint. An endpoint gives you access to a specific type of resource, such as customers, products, or requests. For example, the Customer endpoint address is "restapi.rev.io/v1/Customers".

How do I use endpoints?

You can send different requests to an endpoint to work with the type of resources it relates to. If, say, you wanted to view information about customer #1001, your request would look something like this:

GET https://restapi.rev.io/v1/Customers/1001

You can see the Customers endpoint in there: https://​restapi.rev.io/v1/Customers. The 1001 is a parameter telling it which customer you want to work with, and the GET is the method with which you're interacting with that customer.


When using query string parameters for any of our endpoints, keep in mind that there is a 2,048 character limit to the query string itself. That's all the characters after the Path in the URL used to make the API call.

What endpoints does your API have?

You can browse through all our endpoints inside the API explorer.

What’s Next

We mentioned using different methods to work with resources. Let's learn more about those.