Release 3.21.23

Several API updates are included in the March release, scheduled for 3/21/2023

New Webhook Events

Two new webhooks have been implemented: Bill Reversed and Payment Reversed. For information on our complete list of webhook events and learn how to configure them please visit our Webhook Guide.


New API Endpoint

We have added a new API endpoint to v1/Payments called "BillAppliedTo", which returns the bill-level detail of where a payment was applied similar to the "Applied to" column in the payment history section. This will be mostly used to integrate with other systems like Quickbooks Online.


New IntegrationEntityType

We have added Bill (in tblStatement) and Contact (in tblContact) as entities to create KeyLink relationships between IDs and external systems, such as Connectwise. Validation will be performed on these IDs when inserting or updating IntegrationKeyLink.

For more information on our Integration Linking solution please visit our Guide. To utilize the Bill and/or Contact entity types please reach out to client success.


Updates to Tickets via API

Bug Fix: When a ticket is already in a completed or canceled state and an PATCH is done to the ticket via the API, the system will no longer trigger a Task Complete email.