Release 5.23.23

The following API updates will be included in the May release, scheduled for 5/23/2023.

New Endpoint Added

The following previously announced functionality was pulled from production environments due to a bug. This item is now being re-released: We have added an API endpoint (ChargeAppliedTo) to return the same data present on Payment Details page in the UI. When entering a Payment ID, this GET function returns the Payment ID, the amount applied, the Bill ID, and the corresponding Charge ID. [KOM-720/KOM-775]

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a recently discovered issue in which some customer addresses were not being saved correctly when creating a new customer using the REST API. [TIER3-458]
  • Fixed tax exemption validation issues when patching a customer through the REST API for clients using SureTax, Avalara/Billsoft or CSI as their tax provider. [TIER3-486]