Release 06.20.23 & 6.27.23

The following API updates will be included in the June releases scheduled for 6/20/2023 and 06/27/2023.

General Updates

  • The REST API has been updated to remove listing address validation during PATCH calls to v1/customers when the customer's listing address is not being modified. [KOM-747]

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected various tax exemption validation issues when patching a customer through the REST API for clients using SureTax, Avalara/Billsoft, or CSI as their tax provider. [TIER3-486]
  • Completing orders through the API will no longer reassign tasks automatically generated by processes to orders. [TIER3-476]
  • Corrected a REST API issue where some custom fields could be updated incorrectly during calls [TIER3-491]